Acceleration Nordic x Toyota Sweden: Driving Brand Performance with Attention Optimization

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  • August 31, 2023
  • Acceleration Nordic

Improving Visibility in Digital Ads for Toyota Sweden

​Toyota Sweden wanted to increase customer awareness and action for their digital advertising campaigns, improving overall ROI.



Ensuring viewability is crucial for the effectiveness of ads. It is a standard metric in digital advertising used for optimization. However, being visible does not guarantee being seen, and up to 65% of all ads on desktops go unnoticed by consumers, especially in display campaigns.

The goal of Acceleration Nordic was to help Toyota Sweden generate consumer awareness and drive action through a campaign focused on promoting the electrical range of their hybrid electric car models. However, a major challenge was that the majority of viewable display ads went unnoticed by online users. ​



Acceleration Nordic teamed up with The&Partnership, Xaxis and leading eye-tracking company Tobii to build a performance algorithm that considered the likelihood of attention and powered a performance display campaign for Toyota. Through a statistically representative online panel of 1600 people, Tobii collects data on what users are looking at on their screens and, more specifically, which ad placements get the most attention. ​

This is how the Attention Algo was born – a bid modifier algorithm that adjusts each bid in real-time based on the probability that the user will see the ad. ​By working closely with Tobii, we made Toyota’s data directly usable for programmatic optimization.​ The data showed that the fixation rate of certain ad placements varied during the week and time of day, as well as depending on ad size.

Acceleration built the algorithm to take into account the day of the week, time of day and ad size when evaluating each bid request. Thanks to this algorithm, Toyota could achieve better results with the same investment.​



To measure the effect of the algorithm, Acceleration set up A/B testing. Accelerations brand lift study demonstrated that the results can be 100% attributed to the attention algorithm:

  • 116% increase in ad fixation rate**​
  • 77% lift in click-to-conversion rate**​
  • 23% increase in conversions**​
  • 64% higher ad recall**​
  • 60% higher consideration**​
  • 23% higher campaign attribute perception**​​

**compared to the control group exposed to ads not optimized on viewability ​

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