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Do you already have a carefully laid out plan to lead you all the way to the CEO’s chair, or is your main ambition just to enjoy going to work every morning? Maybe you are unsure about what you want, but do know what you don’t want? Whatever the case, an internship provides you with a good opportunity to try and explore different things, and discover which direction to go in.

In a large international company like ours, the paths are many and varied. Whether you want to try your hand at PR and influencer marketing, algorithms and data modelling, UX design or media buying, we will allow you to explore these areas and expand your knowledge.

No matter which GroupM path you choose, your opinions, wishes and ideas are taken seriously, and we work together to determine where that path should lead – perhaps we can go there together?

Trine & Thanh Intern & intern responsible, Operations GroupM Nexus
Mathilde & Line Intern & intern responsible, Addressable Content GroupM Nexus
Nina & Peter Intern & intern responsible, SEO GroupM Nexus

You should apply for an internship in Addressable Content, because we have a really great culture […] There is room for fun and laughs, whilst we take our work very seriously.

Isabella Addressable Content Strategist, GroupM Nexus

I did not exactly know what Programmatic was, when I applied for the intership. But it opened me up to the fact that, it was a great match for me […] It was very defining for my entrance on the job market.

Mathias Programmatic Strategy Director, GroupM Nexus

It is awesome to be able to do what we do in Tracking & Analytics, because you gain a good understanding of the digital foundation. You understand the clients and their behaviour […] We are a small team, but with an important role.

Amalie Tracking & Analytics Specialist, GroupM Nexus

As an intern [in SEO] I learned that there is room for making mistakes. And it is really the best opportunity we have for learning. Everyone on the team was very open to spare. I asked so many questions.

Rasmus SEO Director, GroupM Nexus

There is a really great culture at GroupM, when it comes to developing yourself and your career - And the aspect is also really awesome.

Victor Agency Engagement Intern, GroupM

I applied for an internship at Innovation Lab because I love being explorative and innovative. So I thought this would suit me very well.

Mikala Innovation Lab Intern, GroupM

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