What We Do


Amazing solutions require flexibility and dexterity, which is why we have created Open Agency. Open Agency is as much a physical set-up as it is a dexterous work process. Fundamental to Open Agency is that the client's needs define the team; we put together a team across agencies, external partners and the client themselves, which gives the client access to the very best and most relevant competencies. If the client's needs change, then we change the composition of the team.

Below, you can read more about what we do and why we do it.


Normally, people start by determining what they can do and are already doing before they start talking about why they do it – but we do the exact opposite. This is because everything we do is based on the question “why?”. Why do we work with marketing and media? Why are we working with this particular client? Why do we go to work every day? The answer is simple: because we want to create value for our clients and the world around us. The solution, on the other hand, is not as simple as that.

What We Do

No matter what the challenge is, what wishes and needs the client has, and what the final solution will be, the common denominator for all of our work is co-creation. We believe that both our clients and our company reap the greatest benefits from our collaboration when we actually work TOGETHER. Together, we discover what creates value, how that value is measured and, most importantly, how that value is created.

How We Do It

Our clients’ challenges, wishes and needs are all different. For that reason, our solutions are just as different. It is also the reason why it is almost impossible to abridge what we can do into just “5 core services” – something you can usually find on any agency's website. The truth is, our field of competencies and solutions are as comprehensive and complex as the challenges our clients face. Regardless of whether the challenge requires digital transformation, media buying, new technology, UX design, creating creative content, consumer insights, etc., we make sure we provide the right competencies.

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